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Short answer: It depends.

Different people do better or worse. There are several different treatments (ranging from "basically no side effects" to "make you feel pretty bad"). Treatments are designed to kill the leukemic cells. There are also other drugs -- like antibiotics to reduce risk of bacterial infection -- that she may take to help her stay healthy.

What's important for you is to know this:

1) This is the "good" kind of leukemia to have. People can live for years with this.

2) The usual symptoms are things like being really tired and feeling not-so-well, so make allowances for her energy level. She'll probably have good days (when she feels totally fine) and bad days (when she is so tired she can't get out of bed).

3) You can help by making sure that you don't give her a cold or the flu. Wash your hands, and don't visit when you're sick or coming down with something.

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