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ive been having some health problems lately mainly chest pains
i had a full blood count about 10 weeks ago that came back fine,can you still have leukemia and it not show up in your blood?
my doctor has just taken another on friday only i have a huge bruise thats came up not only at the palce where the needle goes in but right down my arm and round to the side! sud i be worried? will the full blood count test i got taken on friday show anything like leukemia up? ive also had aches and pains and night sweats really worried help please

thanks lisa

My sister in law had leukemia and brusing was not one of her main symptoms..They found out she had it when she didnt feel good and had blood work done so YES if you had it they would have found it in your blood work..It has to do with your white cell count and red cell count..also she is doing FINE by the way..smiles...Now for your brusing..I bruise all the time..I get a bruse even if I have an itch and scratch it...One time I tripped and fell I was BLACK from my hip to my ankle...I went to see my family dr..He asked me if I used asprin alot I told him yes..He laughed and said asprin is a blood thinner so naturally a bruise is going to form...
I am sure you are FINE!!!
hi wanda
thanks for the reply put my mind at rest alot more (im such a worrywort) glad to hear your sister in law is doing good,i bruise pretty easy as well so does my mum tho so i guess it just runs in the family

thanks again
Bruising can be caused by a number of things. When they take my blood I have really small veins. It the nurse uses a normal needle I have a huge bruise from her drawing blood. Now when I go in I tell them to use a small needle.

Bruising is one symptom of leukemia. My father was extremely tired mostly. He had Leukemia and Cirrhosis of the Liver. Cirrhosis of the Liver you will have extreme bruising. He also had heart problems and took asprin for years everyday.

I think you are fine. They can tell from your blood. Your counts will be off if you have leukemia. My mother has CLL. My father had MDS that transferred to AML.

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