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which is the kind people over 60 get and which is the easiest to live with
[QUOTE=hon]which is the kind people over 60 get and which is the easiest to live with[/QUOTE]
The CLL is the most common but either cancer is chronic, can be slow growing and it can convert to aggressive and then cause rapid death.
CML can limp along for 5 or even ten years and then transform into the 'blast crrisis' and then it becomes much harder to treat. CLL is an indolent cancer that can limp along forever and people often die with CLL, not from CLL. CLL would likely have a better 10 year survival.
Our problem is a newly diagnosed cll in the husband who is a disabled vet to begin with due to agent orange. He has diabetes II, skin cancer, and numerous ailments to which the cll has recently been added. Our biggest problem is that he was an over the road truck driver and a machinist, machine shop worker and a mechanic...he has been pulled out of every career choice due to the latest diagnosis of the cll. We are being told by the VA to stop trying to work and find a hobby...since they compensate him for the disease. It is difficult to survive in this day and time without work...the VA leaves much to be desired although we do appreciate what they do for us. Do others have to stop working? I think it has been the biggest reason for depression following the diagnosis. No one has addressed the depression part of the disease here. Has anyone else had the problem???
Thank you in advance. DJW.
My mother had cll since I was 12 years old (I'm 22 now). Work was never a prob. The only lengthy period she needed to take out of work was a few months when she was having her bone marrow transplant. She was almost always energetic. The downside to cll is it can change very quickly. She died last month because it had changed to a very aggressive form. She was only sick in the hospital for a week before she died. So, some of the newer treatments may be worth looking into.

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