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Hi mboose,
Your symptoms sounds very familiar to me. I've been dealing with a high WBC for over a year and the last few CBC's have an elevated platelet count as well. My last blood test on the 14th came back with WBC 17.4 and platelet count of 455,000, which the platelet count has come down since Oct. when it was 519,000. I'm seeing a blood specialist who keeps saying I'm not worried about you and my general doctor keeps saying I'm in the early stages of leukemia. I'm 31 and have three kids myself and it's scary as all he** to think you may be sick and nobody cares. I've also been through a divorce and trying to straighten your life back out after that is sheer heck yet alone adding this to your plate.
I also have type 1 diabetes for the last 24 years, diabetes neuropathy and severe degenrative arthritis in my hips and pelvic bone. I also have been having the constant nausea, night and day sweats, severe pain in my bones, severe bouts of diarrhea, headaches, extreme fatigue, but the inability to sleep, vomiting and swelling in the lymph nodes of the sides of my neck into the back of my ears. All these symptoms came on suddenly after having gone to an OB/GYN for the severe pain in my hips and pelvis. During testing to find the cause of this pain they found the elevated blood counts.
I'm also concerned about the wait and see approach my doctor has with this. It's like a cache 22 situation. I'm sick, he knows I'm sick, but there's nothing he can do (he tells me) unless the WBC or platelet count keeps rising and the blood specialist thinks I'm just fine. My general doctor mentioned a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration, but the blood specialist doesn't deem it necessary right now. So I'm spinning my wheels.
I'm not a doctor and I wish I knew what to tell you because I know how you feel. All I can say is that some of my family have suggested I seek a second opinion from a doctor/hospital that specialises in this kind of thing. As of right now I'm trusting my doctor because he really is trying to get to the bottom of this even though I'm frustrated with his slow progress. My doctor tells me to be patient and they'll keep up the blood work every couple of months and go from there, but if you feel strongly that something is wrong don't let the doctor say that it's in your head. I've heard that many times believe me. You go with what your body is telling you and keep asking questions of your doctor. Stay on him and tell him your fears. Let him understand how your life is and how you feel about all this and get blood work done often. But don't just assume it's leukemia (and believe me I have a hard time with this myself). There are many different factors and things out there that could cause some of the symptoms you're having, even my doctor says it could be an infection or something else. Just don't panic, remain calm and keep the faith. Things will work out.

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