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I am 16 yrs old, and very worried about my symptoms. I've already been to the doctors' several times this year for neuromuscular related symptoms, and I guess I worry a lot.

Recently, I discovered a rash of petechiae on my lower legs. I posted a thread about that here asking if it could be caused by leukemia. I also have swollen nodes in my neck and armpit, but those could possibly be from a cold I had a couple weeks ago. During this week, I've noticed I've been very fatigued and tired. I have a sharp pain on the left side of my hip/pelvis, and at a certain spot in the middle of my left lower leg. It only hurts when I press on it, but it HURTS, like a sharp, sudden pain. The leg pain started about 2 days ago, but the hip pain was there for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, I really started worrying because I developed a bruise on my left knee, and I have not bumped it at all. Since then, I've been feeling very cold/tired and just sickly. I'm not sure if the stress from freaking out about this is making it worse.

I did show my mom the petechiae/bruise, but she was rather skeptical because of the fact that I've already been to the doctors' so many times already, and because she knows I am sensitive to stuff like this. But this is different, because there are signs like the bruising/petechiae on my legs and swollen nodes.

I have been worrying about this day and night. I keep imagining myself in the hospital dying, and I can't shake that fearful feeling. Right now, I'm about a month away from completing my Emergency Medical Technician course and drivers ed, and as selfish as this sounds I don't want those things to be stopped and ruined because of this. Its as if my life is just starting and its going to be cut. I feel like I'm in a hole I can't climb out of.

What should I do? I know I stated in my other thread that I was going to continue monitoring the situation for the next couple of weeks, but at this point with newer symptom onset, I'm not sure I can take it. I have discussed this with my mom and she said to try to forget about it and see if it will go away, but I don't know if I can.

What should I do? Do these seem like signs of leukemia? Any information or advice would really be helpful.

Thank you


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