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Have some more tests run. You could have mono, which has symptoms very similar to leukemia. And they can test for leukemia too. Ive had mono, my daughter has had it, and it is alot like what you are experiencing. I had cancer when I was 16, but it was a tumor in my leg. I can say that most symptoms of an illness can be linked to cancer, but 99 percent of the time, it is not cancer. Cancer should be at the end of a long list of possible ailments.Dont do too much online research, as that tends to make everyone think they are dying!!!!

If you still feel crappy, your doc has a responsibility to find out what is wrong. Docs get it wrong alot, and if they cant figure something out, they often will either tell you you are nuts or say noone can help you. Usually, there is someone out there who can figure out what is going on. Docs are not god, and they dont know everything. If you feel you are not being helped, see another one. I learned this early on. You can always get a second, third, and fourth opinion if necessary. It is your right as an informed pateint.

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