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[QUOTE=randym431]My brother, who is 56, just had his bi-yearly blood test and this time its not normal. His wbc was, I think he said, 2900. His doctor did the test twice, and its still "off the charts", as his doc puts it. Now he wants him to have a bone marrow(sp) test. He (his doc) is jumping to the possibility of the BIG L. However, my brother feels 100% great. He has tons more energy than me, at 10 years + my age. He's very relaxed and easy going. Nothing bothers him (you know "those" kind of lucky people). One thing that concerns me, he's also gay and in my mind I'm thinking pre-aids or hiv+. But I admit I know nothing about either the BIG L or aids. Maybe aids or hiv+ lowers your wbc, not raises it???
He does take meds for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Just looking for comments, especially for my aids question.[/QUOTE]
AIDS lowers the T-Cell count dramatically. Leukemia raises the white blood cell count, but the blood cells are not capable of doing the job. The HIV test is very specific to AIDS, and the ordinary WBC can not be used to diagnose AIDS. The other tests that have to be done with the WBC to define Leukemia as being Leukemia do have to do with the state of the bone marrow. So, don't panic until you know the test results.

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