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My husband had a Bone marrow transplant that helped a lot He was going to die from an infection I belive more then the cancer its self e-mail [ [b] please carefully review the posting rules - no emails [/b] ]
I was reading that acute type can be actually cured. Chronic can not. Chronic can be put into remission(sp) at best, not cured.
I also read that CML type usually involves people in high risk jobs that work with raw rubber, gas related manufactoring and also smoking can cause this type of cancer. I also read that the acute usually comes on very fast, and can be cured very fast. Not so with chronic. I was also reading about marrow transplants and they in themself look very very dangerous. A real risk of not surviving the marrow transplant itself. There was a new (new?) treatment too where they take some of the persons own marrow, kill the cancel in it and freeze it, use chemo and radation to kill off the persons remaining marrow totally, then replace the frozen marrow back in that person. Not sure of its success rate.

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