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I am concerend because my Dr says I may need radiation therapy. For a year now, I have been having trouble with chest pains.....Right after Christmas, I noticed, my neck was painful.....MY mother the following week, noticed it was swollen {only on the left side} I too see the swelling. My Dr performed a upper probe, and noticed what he called a "growth" on my esophogus above my trachea, on the same side as the neck swelling. I have mild disphaigia as a result. I have lost 11 lbs since december. I have no fever, but feel feverish. I am having trouble with sweating both cold and hot especially at night. I have lost a lot of function in my left arm due to soreness and weakness, {though noone knows why}, I have left sided abdominal pain, changes in "bathroom issues", loss of appetite, {only a mini york peppermint patty today} I also have shortness breath, occasional, dizzyness, almost constant, nausea, I am sleepy all the time. I used to be very active, as of last year, but now, I have only rare spurts of energy. I fall alot from the dizzyness, which has plagued for twop years now. I also have a headache on the upper left side above my ear, that no amount of pain meds has relieved. MY Dr tested me for TSH becasue I do have a goiter,, but the tests were normal.
I went to the Er last friday with the chest are the results of the EKG and blood work......
Ekg indicates, Sinus Tachycardia other wise normal
HIgh basophils, high absolute lymphs, high absolute grans,wbc 11.7 slightly high, Potassium low, and urea nitrogen low. All the rest of the blood work was normal with nothing indicating heart troubles.
A friend told me to post here, but I have no clue what my syptoms mean? All I have been told, is radiation for a "growth" that appears normal {although it is interferring in my swallowing}.
Dr wants a followup swallow test done, but isnt scheduled till JULY..He wanted it done that day but couldnt get it done..NOw I have to wait 6 months to find out.......WHAt could it be, and what should I do?

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