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I had leukemia and when I was going thru chemo and all that I had to stick with a low microbial diet, meaning no raw fruits and veggies (because they carry bacteria) basicaly you gotta boil or steam everything. You've also got to overcook ALL your meat if you eat any. And when it comes to fruit be sure to eat only ones with thick skins ie. oranges, bananas, grapefruit(theres' a certain type of medication that you cant eat grapefruit while your on it so check with your doctor b4) um...what else oh yeah ABSOLUTLEY NO FAST FOOD it carries waaay too much germs. uh...oh yeah when it comes to drinks you cant drink anything thats been out in the open for more than 20 minutes cause it builds bacteria. I think thats basicaly it. So its not so bad you just gotta be extra careful when it comes to preparing your foods.
My niece had leukemia and after her transplant the hospital gave her a list of foods she couldnt eat. Now that she is better she eats a lot of organic foods but basically has a normal diet and still has the milk drinks with all the vits in etc. Ask the hospital, they are the best people to ask. There are lots of things you have to avoid, even flowers and mushrooms and the bacteria thing is a big issue.

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