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Apr 10, 2004

In reading this thread and in doing over 2 months of "obsessive" research on leukemia because my girlfriend was diagnosed with AML 2 months ago, I found that BENZENE is a KNOWN carcinogen that causes leukemia. They say anyone working in gas stations, printing shops, etc. are exposed to chemicals that contain benezene and that is probably the direct cause of their leukemia. I know of a guy who worked for a gas station and had AML but he's been in remission for 5 years now. He has a lawsuit going with Mobil. I also found out that leukemia is NOT hereditary but other cancers are.

No one knows what causes different forms of leukemia but benzene and its derivatives or properties and radiation CAN cause leukemia. Also, using dark hair dyes for years can cause lymphoma.

Please always read the labels of EVERYTHING you buy and eat and look for anything that sounds like benzene. If it contains that, runnnnnnnnnn.

Digressing from the subject for a moment, avoid BHT and BHA as those additives can cause stomach cancer in animals. I imagine with the high rate of stomach cancer, these additives can be the cause. BHT is found in a lot of foods, especially pepperoni so please read all the labels. If you can't pronounce the ingredients, don't buy the product!

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