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hello everyone...i was hoping someone could be so kind as to help me...frist let me say i have no health of yet but about 3weeks ago i look at a health ins..and bought it so iam waiting to be approved and get all that i need to see a hemotologist after i brought the ins.. i went to see my doctor endo. for my dieabetis...and he said that for the last year he has been watching my white count and they have stayed up between 25-35 thounsands...and that six months ago he order a specific wbc on me and he felt the need to send me to see a hemotologist...i have been complaining to him of how weak i fealt and how my joints were hurting so bad how i have a low grade fever everyday and i feel like iam catching a cold that never comes...he was also concern because about a year ago i weigh 194lbs and then i just lost weight in 3mos to 145 and since then i cant eat cos when i do i feel so full and my left side hurts so if i had ate lots and lots of food...but i dont ...i'll eat maybe half a sandwich and then i cant anymore and if i froce my self the pain on my left side is "smile" i wanted to ask you guys if you think i might have leukemia or bone cancer..when i asked the doctor what he thought it might be he didnt blink an eye and said lukemia or bone cancer...i trust this doctor a lot i know him for 12yrs...You all are the first i have talked about this...i am not really worried about having lukemia or any other cancer is just that is killing me not knowing either way...i have to wait at least 30 more days before i can use the any information you guys might have for me i will thank you for it right now....and keep on smiling all of us...cos we are still among the living..and we know what life is really thank you all...smiles have great days..

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