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Re: Symptoms
Nov 21, 2002
Sure, no problem at all! I have acute myelogenous leukemia (M2).

I started off in July 2001 with mild fatigue and bruises on my legs, but brushed it off as nothing. Then a few weeks later, the bruises started happening in other places, the fatigue got worse, started having some pain in my joints and bones, and I started getting infections, strep throat I battled twice in August, it coming back just a few days after finishing treatment.

Then in September I got a mild fever and a sore throat, the doctor thought I had mono, due to the fatigue and slightly swollen lymph glands. He took a blood test that came back abnormal: 20,000 (2 times higher than normal) white blood cell count, I was moderately anemic (not enough red blood cells) and my platets were low. I was sent to Children's Hospital for testing and 3 days later via bone marrow aspiration with 45% blasts (leukemia cells), I was conclusively diagnosed with AML, M2 subtype, which is 'officially' called acute myeloblastic leukemia with maturation, meaning I had immature and mature myeloid cells noted in my bone marrow. Hope that helps!

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