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My 15 year old daughter has been sick with flu like syomtoms 4 times in the last 4 months. She is also gets skin infections very easily. She seems to have lost her energy and her appetite. She has seen the doctor regularly for the skin infections. Yesterday, I took her to the doctor because the flu symptoms came back again. He took a blood sample, xrayed her lungs and her sinuses. The xrays showed a sinus infection, but the blood test came back with a very low white blood cell count. The doctor said that 4 - 9 was normal range, but hers came in at 2.9. He put her on antibiotics and said that he wants to retest the blood in 10 days. I have been researching "low white blood cell counts" on the internet, and all the sites that come up talk about leukemia. I am scared half to death. Is 10 days too long to wait for more tests, or am I just an over anxious mom?
Have you already researched megaloblastic anemia and leukopenia? These are the most common headings for locating information on low white blood count conditions. My preliminary search pulled up a very wide range of underlying conditions/causes of low white blood count. By waiting, perhaps your doctor is trying to narrow down the possibilities.

Start checking among your/your daughter's blood relatives whether anyone else has a similar condition, because some of the possibilities include genetic disorders. In which case, the more background information you can collect, the better.

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