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Elevated WBC Count
Jan 13, 2003
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think. I have had an elevated wbc for the past 7 years. Last year my doctor sent me to a oncology doctor to run some tests. This was last April that I first went to see the oncologist on the first visit he did a ton of blood tests and did a blood smear on my cells. He said he didn't see any abnormalities well then I was happy and not too nervous anymore but he said he still wanted me to come back to do blood work for a while. He does a CBC w/diff. So I have been going back like every two months to get the blood work done and the wbc is always elevated. These are the wbc's 7/97-12.33, 9/97-10.44, 9/01-12.72, 3/02-13.13, 4/02-13.50, 8/02-16.8, 8/12/02-17.6, 8/16/02-14.9, 10/02-14.7, 11/02-21.4 and 1/03-16.4. I was really concerned when he gave me the results in August but he still said he wasn't too concerned and he was looking at other parts of the test and they were normal. Then on 11/2 I freaked out with the 21.4 and went back just last week and it went down to 16.4. My doctor said at all my appointments he didn't recommend a bone marrow biopsy at this time but he would do it to ease my mind. So on my last appointment he recommended that I get it done because he said he can tell that this is really stressing me out. I am just so scard that I have lukemia my doctor said he doesn't think so but why is my wbc never normal. Well I asked my doctor that and he said well maybe that is just you and you fall out of the statistic range. I don't feel sick, no bruises or anything like that. He does an exam on me everytime I go and he doesn't find anything either. He checks my spleen and he said that is fine too. Does this sound like lukemia with my wbc always being elevated even though it goes up and down? The wbc that is elevated is called the poly's or neutrophils I think they are the same thing. Could this just be normal for me? Is it normal for a healthy person to have an elevated wbc? My doctor doesn't act concerned at all. He can't diagnose me with anything cause he said he doesn't know why it's elevated but by doing the bone marrow I guess he can rule out cancer but without the bone marrow I don't think he can rule that out is that true? I am getting the bone marrow biopsy done in 2 weeks he said it should take about a week to get the results. I am going to be so scard waiting. I know if I do have lukemia that it must be one of the Chronic one's since my wbc doesn't go up very fast and I don't feel sick. Can you die from Chronic Lukemias? Is there a cure? Thanks for taking the time to read my post I am just really scard and need some advice.


Hi Crystal...Your story sounds much like my wife's, as it began about 7 years ago. Her wbc is now past 60. She has been diagnosed with CCL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia), since 1997. At the time, her wbc was in the 16-19 range. She gets her blood work done every 2 months. Originally, it was every 3 months. But a sudden increase a year ago, prompted the doctor to begin doing it more frequently.

There is no cure for this type of leukemia. Our understanding is that it usually hits men, after the age of 55. And because it is so slow moving, they typically die of old age, rather than blood cancer. My wife is obviously a female. And she was just 38 when diagnosed.

We're told that the doctors look for the count to jump twice its normal rate from the previous test. If/when that happens, they will then prescribe a course of treatment to try and slow it down.

There's no telling if this might be what you have, without the bone marrow biopsy. It does sound very familiar. So I'd say it's quite possible. I know that when the news was confirmed for my wife and I...we were shocked, scared, etc... Now, almost 8 years later, we rarely think about it. My wife's only real symptoms are that when she catches a cold, it is pretty rough on her; and takes longer than usual to go away. Recently, she had several weeks where she was in constant body pain. That is apparently a symptom of progressed stages. But I must say...she's been much better for the past few weeks. Either she's gotten used to it, or it really has gotten better.

I hope that you'll return to the board and let us know the results of your tests. Good Luck! And be strong!

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