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Possible symptoms
May 23, 2003
Hi there
I just started feeling really tired and weak for the past few weeks. And i am having nosebleeds for the past 6 consecutive days. I don't know if this are the symptoms of leukimia.
Usually, i'm very energetic but the past weeks has been rathr exhausting to me.
I'm only 24. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs at all. I exercise 2 hours everyday, running 5 miles and do another hour of yoga or aerobics and try to eat as healthy as possible.
This afternoon, i just have another nosebleed waking me up at 1pm in the afternoon. I felt extremely exhausted and aching joints everywhere. And i woke up finding half of my pillow cover with blood from my nose. I tried to contained the bleeding from tilting my head backwards. But i can taste the blood falling back to my throat and starting coughing out blood all over.
Is this normal? I mean, normal for leakemia patients? I know i should consult a doctor, but it's just that i'm feeling so scared inside. I'm just procrastinating day after day, afraid that i will get a confirmation of what my sickness really is and i will have to deal with it.
Any of you who have been diagnosed with leukemia, can you please tell me these symptoms of mine are similar to any of that you have experienced before/when you were diagnosed with the disease.
Samantha from CA
Hi Samantha,
In my humble opinion, you do not have leukemia. Many, many things can cause nosebleeds, as well as fatigue. With leukemia, easy bruising that doesn't go away readily is a symptom, but there again, bruising can also be indicative of other causes. I think you should go to a good otolaryngologist first. Leukemias are usually diagnosed in the very young and somewhat old. At 24, you're unlikely to have it. Bite the bullet and have it checked out. Don't worry.


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