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I've had a dent in my leg for about five months now. It's a couple of inches long and it lies right across the muscle. You can see it very easily and it is quite profond when you run your hand down it. It suddenly appeared and I couldn't figure out why. I workout regularly, but I have had no injury to my leg and since it doesn't hurt, I've been reluctant to see a doctor about it. Well, I literally just figured out what it was. As I was e-mailing my husband, I looked down and saw that I was leaning my leg against my computer desk drawer. The handle on the drawer fit exactly into the dent in my leg. I've been unwittingly making a dent in my leg by leaning it against my computer desk!!! Who would have ever though you could permanently dent your leg by just leaning it against something on a regular basis. I encourage anyone out there that also has a dent... look around the house and see if anything "fits" that dent! I'd suggest looking at your desk first!

I could'nt help but notice how much attention your "dent in the leg" has attracted! as I continued reading, I began to find it quite humourous, it's amazing the amount of people who have the same sort of "dent in the leg" as I read on "I also have a dent in the leg" and "I also have a dent in the leg". Please excuse me for making light of this issue, as I am a mother battling leukaemia with my young child, so I am suffering from brain drain and sometimes things don't register as they should! The leaning on the desk really hit the spot, and tend to agree with this senario, the funniest thing of all is that I actually also have a "dent in the leg" but I do know the cause of my "dent". I rolled my 4WD twenty years ago and it was where the steering wheel bashed into my leg, it is the perfect shape of the steering wheel and the muscle in that part of my leg has been flatened. It has never caused me any pain, so this is why I'm going with the desk theory!!!!!!!

P.S. Thanks for distracting me off the cancer issue for a while, it's like a breathe of fresh air.

HI, Did you ever find out the results of your MRI and exrays? I recently noticed a dent in my right upper thigh and it has some broken blood vessels or capilaries? No pain and I started a healthy diet and exercise regiment about 4 months ago and have lost about 12 lbs. still want to loose another 15I am not fat and only a size 6, but want to get back to a size 4 and firm up. I am post menapausal, but still having hot flashes. I am wondering if any of these facts could be the reason for the dent, or if I should be more concerned and see my doctor?
Hi. I am in the same age group and size that you describe yourself. A couple of days ago I noticed a dent on my left shin, over the muscle. There is no pain, although maybe some slight bruising. I don't remember injuring it, but have been pushing myself with some sporadic bike riding, trying to "tone up". I haven't been to a Dr. yet, but wanted some feedback as to what others are experiencing with the same anomaly. Like others of you, it has caused some concern because it is such a weird thing.

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