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I'm not sure where this message should be posted but i figured that enough people who knew what they were talking about about this type of thing so I thought I would post here. I'm male, 21 years old, 185 pounds, safe-sexually active, and relatively healthy. Feb First I had Strep throat, last monday I went to eh doctor with a fever of 38.6'C (for us people, that is considerred 'low grade' under 100 i believe. I came in with soar swollen glands, aches, terrible soar throat, headache etc. I've been having night sweats, although those are just from the fever. They tested for strep, it was negative. The doctor said my spleen was touching his finger, which means it was a little enlarged. They sent me for blood test, CBC, (or wahtever that white blood cell stuff is called), Monotest, and CellStructure test. I was told they would call today by 5pm if there was any problem. No call - but I am still a little worried and will have to wait until monday to call back myself and make sure there's no problem with the results.

My question is - is there other reaons why my spleen can be enlarged other than mono or more serious things which have already been ruled out? Am i in any danger of my spleen bursting over the weekend?

Thanks for ur help.
Hi Again- So the doctor never called about cbc test results, mono test, or cell structure so I am assuming that these were all normal. If I didn't have mono, then why else would my spleen have been swollen. The dr just said "it was touching his finger" but didnt seem to be too concerned about it. I bounced back from my last bout of illness and seemed very health for a bit but now I am starting to get sick again and I think my spleen is starting to feel achey, although this doenst make much sense because my dr told me that spleens dont have nerve endings. But then I asked myself why does one get a stitch when they run, so basically i am just a little confused. I'm sick for the 3rd time in 2005 and all the tests were OK but we never found out why my spleen was enlarged. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the next test I should get is?

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