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[QUOTE=Denec]Hi all,

i have had high WBC for about 6 months or longer now. My doctor referred me to a hematologist.

Should I really be concerned?

I have a copy of my blood tests and for most part my WBC is usually around 12.2 when the normal range is 3.8-10.8

12.2 does not sound veyr high right?

The other thing that is high is something called monocytes, and that is 964

Still none ie very high. Could this all just be stress? I am kind of sick of going to doctors and thinking i dont really need to see this hematologist.[/QUOTE]
Tobacco use causes inflamation which will cause high WBC. If you have any inflammatory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, or coronary artery disease, you can have high WBC counts. Yours are somewhat elevated but the monocytes give the answer that some where you may be fighting a minor infection. The hematologist may or may not be able to pinpoint the actual location....

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