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Hi thanks for taking the time to respond.

I dont smoke..well use to but quit 8 years ago =)

Barely drink maybe 1-2 drinks a month

How can I have an infection for 6 months though? I feel perfectly fine except for my migraines..whcih I have had all my life?

I dont have any of those conditions listed below, only thing I Have is high blood pressure and taking norvasc for it. I recently got a stress echo for a checkup and doc said i had a happy healthy heart.

I made an appt for march 30, and guess see what they say..was just curious what others thought. Thanks

P.S. looking at the rest of my WBC differential some are still very high...but in range so i guess that ok..but like for example

Lymphocytes is at 7637 and the range it says is 1500-7800

That looks high even though it not flagged but what do i know..LOL
actually i got my lab results from my lsat dr and i have had high WBC since 2001

in 2001 my results were:

WBC 12.4

and in differntial high was Polys (Absolute) 8.1

in October 2004 my results were

WBC 11.4

and MCHC was low 32.9

nothing else was flagged as high

one thing I noticed all threee tests were done by different companies from what I have in my hand.

maybe my normal WBC is always a bit high...everyone cant be the same right?

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