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[QUOTE=playdrv4me]Hello All, Sorry for the length of this post...

I actually may have posted in this board sometime ago so I apologize if I did. For along time I was "chasing" HIV I suppose you could say, but have pretty much exhonerated myself of that with 8 months worth of separate tests. At this point I am pretty much left with either Pancreatitis/Pancreatic Cancer or Leukemia for these kinds of symptoms... And I have been feverishly reading up on Leukemia for the past two months.

Since two sexual contacts in February of 2004 I have been experiencing the following, and I will list my greatest botherers and issues of concern first:

-All initially started with enlarged lymph nodes in my neck that lasted for a month, and then went away when treated with an Antibiotic (but they could have just gone away on their own ya know). Around the time I started the antibiotic or perhaps even just before it, I also developed...

-Butterfly like rash on my cheeks and nose which is occasionally infrequently itchy.

-FLOATERS GALORE in my eyes that have grown to be more since Day1 I noticed them, and the vision in my right eye has been decreasing ever since (I read leukemia cells can infiltrate the eye, as well as Primary CNS Lymphoma).

-Fever and chills at different intervals since the initial Lymph node problem. Also a feeling of heat "rushing" into my head sometimes.

-Abdominal pain since about may of 2004 which started in the center below my ribs and gradually moved to the left just under my ribcage. It is now constant and I can also feel it in my back if I breathe in hard or lying down. I believe this to POSSIBLY be my Pancreas as I am overweight (5'9" 230-240lb). Along with pale/fatty stools on an almost daily basis which are associated with the pancreatic disorders.

-What I believe to be paling of my skin, because I can see dark circles under my eyes all the time. But I seem to be the only one who notices this.

-I now see two microscopic red dots on my left arm that look like petechiae.

-Occasional headaches at the right back of my head.

-And a shmorgesborg of other symptoms in between, everything from dry mouth for weeks at the beginning, to loss of appetite at the beginning for about a week and more.

So I honestly believe I am just about worse off than anyone else Ive ever read about and YET? No diagnosis...

-Original doctor in Kansas took blood tests for all STDs at 4 weeks. All negative, WBC came back elevated, but she blamed this on an infection I also had at the time.

-Went back at probably 8 weeks and had another range of tests, nothing extraordinary.

-Moved to Texas, started seeing new doctor recommended to me by an oncologists secretary I tried to go to first. He ran his own set of blood tests and the last ones I remember were in August 04. Blood counts not only normal, but everything was 100 PERCENT within range, SOLID. He literally told me he would "kick my ***" if I came back in complaining more.

-When I returned again, he agreed to send me in for an Abdominal CT Scan with IV Contrast. Of course... The CT Scan came back absolutely normal with nothing, no enlarged spleen, no pancreas issues, nothing outside of mild diverticulosis possible diverticulitis. This was August 04 as well.

-I got a bad foodborne illness in February and went back for an emergency session with another one of the doctors in the same office, explaining to him my then similar concern of the pancreas issues. He ran another blood test on me and additionally checked cholesterol levels and serum lypase... Again... everything normal.

-Almost forgot! When I noticed the eye symptoms... went to the mall for an optOMETRIST to look at my eyes. Got the whole round... dilated pupils etc. 20/20 vision, slight "astygmatism" in the right eye. Fine, not satisfied I found myself a real genuine opthalmologist... Same conclusion and the floaters are "normal" despite their sudden appearance and how many of them are there according to him. I saw this same guy twice in the time I was in TX.

I am at my wits end, both physically and emotionally. It is increasingly difficult to continue working with both the emotional fear that I have a major illness, and the fatigue and pains in my body. I have gotten a tremendous amount of reassurance from the wonderful people on the pancreatitis group I visit that all of my fatigue and other symptoms could be due to Pancreatitis alone.

Im so frustrated, im ready to go in and just tell the next doctor "Look, I want another Abdomen CT Scan for my pancreas, an MRI for my head, and a Bone Marrow Biopsy, painful as that may be".

What do you guys think? Im totally screwed right?


you're not screwed at all, you're bound to worry if you have all these symptoms and yet no diagnosis. i think that you are right to want other examinations. these problems are obviously not normal otherwise you wouldnt be worrying about them. i am writing this because i have recently had blood tests and an MRI scan. the results of the blood tests where also slightly elevated wbc and an aso titre count or 546 iu/ml four times the average range i am told. the scan results have not yet come back so i am also worried, although i am sure everything is fine as i am sure you will be. dont worry too much it will only make you feel worse

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