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Dear all

I would like to ask several questions, perhaps any of you have experience and answers, please help me. I am male 28 years old.
The last 8 weeks I become very paranoid to blood cancer, especially leukemia, since my friend died because of this disease. He started the symptoms with severe bleeding from his gum and died in 2 months.
I am afraid since I have persistent bleeding gum also,for long time I think, I did not really care before but now I am feeling very worry about this symptoms. I went to the dentist and he removed all my tartar and said to not worry about blood cancer,my bleeding gum is due to gingivitis, however he also sent me to do CBC and blood clotting test (is it normal procedure for dentist? to send patient to do blood test?). The CBC is very normal and also the blood clotting test. Only one value I got abnormal value, for Duke Bleeding Time (Cut my earlobe and measure the time). The value in my laboratory should be 1-5 minutes and my value is 6 minutes. My doctor said to be calm because he said all CBC and blood clotting results were normal :
Hematrocit 46.5%
Hemoglobin 15.8 g/dl
Red Blood Count 5.33
White Blood Count 6.6
Platelets 220
MCV 87
MCH 29.6 pg
MCHC 34.0%
FIBG 212 mg/d
Prothrombin time 10.5 second
PT-P 11.2 second
activated partial thromboplastin time 31.0 second
APTP 29.6 second
PT activated 85%
Bleeding Time 6 minutes (above normal)
PT-INR 1.10

However my gum is not 100% cured until now (4 weeks since tartar removing and my blood test). Sometimes it still bleeds because minor touch such as from my tongue. I am afraid because almost all websites I read always said that after dental cleaning the gum will be healed also I eat vit C and eat good diet everyday. I also still worry about my Duke bleeding time test. Please anybody who has an explanation, I will really appreciate that.

I also don't have any other symptoms of leukemia, except 5-6 petechiae on my foot that will disappear quickly, I hope it is normal to have petechiae because I asked some friends and they do have more petechiae than me on their foot, especially if their skin are white.

Thank you very much


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