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Hey all!

I've had a rash on my legs for two months. I went to the doctor and she gave me medication for inflammation. The medicine hasn't really been working and I noticed when I looked closer that the rashes looked more like clumps of small dots of blood and doens't blanch. I'm thinking it is petechia, but I'm not sure. The only thing that makes me think that it may not be is that some of the oldest spots have begun fading and I'm not sure if petechia fades or if the medication is causing the spots to fade. On the other hands, the newer spots are not fading at all with medication.
Anyways, I started researching petechiae online and found that it is a symptom of luekemia. When I started reading the list of symptoms I noticed more that fit. For example, one symptom is bleeding gums when you brush your teeth which happens to me everytime. Also, I noticed that my last period was significantly heavier than usual. I've also become satiated a lot more quickly than usual. This symptom have varied though. Some days I can only eat a few bites, but if it has been long enough between meals ( like 8 hours) I can eat a full meal. Finally, I've had pain on and off in the bones of my thigh and hips.
With these symptoms, is luekemia something I should be worried about or am I overanalyzing the situation?

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