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Im very scared!
May 7, 2005
I just have a few questions about Leukemia. I am a 29 year old female who was diagnosed a few years ago with OCD and GAD. I am currently taking 40mg of Prozac to deal with this. I have horrible obsessive thoughts about my health and have most resently got over Brian Tumor fears. I convince myself that I have these awfull diseases. I can't stand it anymore, Im tiered of running to the doctor. Anyway for my questions...

Three years ago I started taking Prozac during that time I started develping easy bruising on my legs, I would get them and whould have no idea how they came about, I also developed tiny little red dots on my skin all over my body not clumped together but spaced apart, they do not blanch and they have never gone away. I worried a little bit about them then but the medication helped so I didn't freak out about them. Some stuff happend in my life where I had to forgo the medication and I noticed the bruising had calmed down to nothing. A few months ago after fainting in a restaraunt I convinced myself that I had a brain tumor, started having horrible anxiety attacks a few times a day and couldn't sleep, had chronic headaches, the list goes on and on. I went back on the Prozac and what do you know, the bruises started again. I became concerned and went to see my doctor about them. She told me it was because of all the Ibuprofen I was taking for my headaches, that it was lowering my blood platelets. She came to this conclusion without any Blood tests. I guess she want not concerned. Okay fine I cut the Ibuprofen down to nearly nothing and switched to Tylenol. The bruising seemed to deminish.

A few weeks ago I started getting this muscle twitch in my stomach area and like the great Hypochondriact I am I started to think that maybe it was my spleen, befor I new it I had disscomfort in that area, still do. Im also noticing the bruises again, they are not big, smaller then a dime and go away within a week or so but some of them I don't know how I got them. I bruise on my legs and forarm areas. It's so weird, I am clumsy and have whacked my knee on the coffee table a few times but Im still freaking out. I have had joint pain in my left shoulder for nearly a year, Doctor said it was rottery cuff wear or something. I get tiered at 4 in the after noon after going to bed at 11 and sleeping untill 7-8 in the morning. Im so scared, I know I have to have a blood test to know forsure but Im sick over all this. I have done way to much reading on line about Leukemia and now Im sure I have all the symptoms! I guess Im just wondering what all of you think about this? Really need some advise and please try not to scare me to much, Im such a wimp.

Thank you all in advance


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