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[QUOTE=lalalalovely41]hi. im sure you all hear stuff like this all the time. but i need some reassurance.
my problems started out about a month and a half ago. i went to the ER with headaches, neck and back pain. i was also having horrible nausea, and i lost about 8 pounds. they did a CBC and a urine test. everything came out perfectly fine. i was sent home with pain killers. i went back about two days later with the same symptoms and they did a head CAT scan. and it was fine. they sent me home, and i went to a new doctor. i was diagnosed with a stomach virus. and that night i had horrible diarrhea and felt better for about a week.

then i had the same symptoms plus; tiredness, growing pain type pain, achiness, nausea, burping, stomach/abdomin pain, heartburn, dizziness, chest type pain. so i went to the doctor again [about 2-3 weeks ago], and i was given another CBC test plus a differential test. it was all normal. i was also given an adominal CAT scan and ultrasound. it was all normal. plus i had a hida scan for gallbladder problems. it was all normal. i came across symptoms for blood disorders and i seem to fit some of the symptoms. recently i have found a few red spots all on different areas of my body, and i fell about a week ago and i still have a nasty bruise. but as for bleeding or anything, that is all norma. i got my ears pierced and no blood. ha. i also recently started having joint pain in my wrists and ankles. i worry alot and recently my doc put me on anti anxiety medicine but it made me sicker so i stopped taking it. im sure nothing is wrong or its all in my head. but im just freaked out. i guess, can i have problems even though all those tests came back normal, should i get more done or something. i just feel sick and tired all the time and its ruining my life.

thanks in advanced and im sory if this all sounds dumb.[/QUOTE]
You might suggest a pandendoscopy for stomach ulcers. They will cause the problems you are talking about. Otherwise you might want to try the Fibromyalgia board as they describe some of what you are talking about.

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