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I am also very worried.

I have red spots on my shoulders, arms, chest and hands. There are only one or two on hands, I think they look like broken vessels. The ones on my left shoulder appeared two years ago and now I have a few patches of them on arms and also the odd red spot above the skin,

I suffer from health anxiety and have had acid reflux/stomach ulcer symptoms for months, although the last 2 months have been really bad. The pain in my stomach and the ammount of gas coming out is unbeleivable. Yesterday I passed wind for 20 minutes none stop.

I have also suffered from piles this year, had two opperations on them which have failed and I am only 30 had no kids, exercise and eat a heathy veggie diet and have since I was 10.

The doctor has booked me in for blood tests, I don't know what tests, he asked me if I drank a lot of booze I told him none and I am so worried that I have something really bad.

I was never ill appart from the odd cold and a bad back until just over a year ago when I had a chest infection and the doctor suggested I had AIDS which I didn't and since then I have been ill with one thing and another.

The red spots you get with leukemia, do they cover large areas or develop in groups like the ones I have?

Thanks for any replys I am worried sick and can't get in for blood tests until nextweek, then I will have the long worrying wait.



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