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Mono.... leukemia
Aug 20, 2005
My cousin has aml, he had a round of chemo and was okay for a year and then it returned... luckily his brother is 6 point match for the stem cell transplant.... he is doing well, well enough that he came camping for a week with my family... well my little brother got sick during camping and it turns out he has mono... now i need to know how stong his immune system is right now, and how likely it is that he will catch mono... and also... how well someone with a weak immune system would be handle mono... could this be potentially life threatening... please let me know as i have tried to research it and can not find any information...

Hiya Tinker.

I dont blame you being mad at people not replying to your post. Especially about something that's so worrying. Unfortunately I only know how MONO effects a healthy person and not someone with Leukaemia.
However, MONO does make the immune system weak during a active episode and people with MONO keep picking up colds, viral infections etc. But not everyone with MONO's immune system is weak.
Because your brother has Lukaemia I would recommend ringing your doctor and asking him/her what effect MONO may have on him since hes been in close contact with someone who has it. Its the only thing I can think of for you to do.

Take care :)

PS MONO takes 6-8 weeks to show any symptoms or to show a positive result in blood.

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