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hi. i've sneaked on my daughters pc to post this message. i'm concerned about her. shes been having so many symptoms the last few months if not a year or more, and shes so drained and tired. the doctor wont listen, she refuses to go, so ive decided to post on here and see what y'all think.

my daughter is 19. i dont know where to start from so i s'pose the begining is the best place. as ive said, my girl is 19. when she was younger she had double pnuemonia and the usual childhood illness (measles etc).i can remember she used to always come out in a red rash that was similar to eczema without the scabbing/flaking bits.she used to get this rash pretty much anytime and a few times a started when she was 10 and went when she was 12.then she became allergic to chlorine.she hasnt been swimming in about 4years now.she was diagnosed as having heamophilia B (which usually only affects males) and asthma as a young child.shes had a few blood transfusions due to the heamophilia but is having no problems from it now.back in november she was diagnosed as having Glandular fever which is MONO.after a recent blood test it came back borderline.looks like its going or gone luckily.
her symptoms are these:

dizzyness a few times a day
sleeping over 12hours and when she walks half a mile or less, shes exhausted and falls asleep.
pale skin (face)
irregular/missing periods
bloating/tummy pains
reaccurring ear infections and thrush
very bad heartburn
chest pains
her legs and feet go a bluish/greyish colour
pins and needles/very bad numbness in hands,legs, and feet
sensitivie to cold water,ice etc (gives her bad pains in hands)
several miagraines a day
her bloodpressure has been high a few times
asthma/chest infections all the time
complaines of stiffness or pain like feeling in her joints and back
low grade fevers from 98.9 - 99.9F

sorry its a long list. thats all i can think of at the moment.shes spoken to the doctor a lot of the time about this but they dont listen. shes tried all 4 doctors in the practice and they only listen to one thing and usually prescribe her with painkillers.

she had some blood test results and her white cell count was raised, her red cell count was low (drs said it was cause of asthma and shes never had this before!), infections diseases was borderline, something screen was borderline and mono was borderline. she phoned the doctor for a appointment about these results and was told "its no medical significance and she doesnt need to see a doctor". im at my witts end. i dont know what to do anymore. these symptoms come and go but all of them are still happening.tonight she came out of the bath and her face was bright red and dripping with sweat and she was clutching her chest and thought she was going to be sick.things like this keep happening. does this sound like lukeamia? any advice or input would be welcome.

thank you

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