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Hi...I am new here and have a question about Leukemia. I have Systemic Lupus and have always had a low platelet count (around 100,00) and it has been that way for many years(under control without Prednisone)...ok, long story short..3 weeks ago I went for my routine check-up and they discovered a platelet count of 11,000 and I was sent to the hospital immediately. I received 2 rounds of platelets and they pumped me with took 3 days to get the count back up over 100,000...I was taking 60 mg Pred when I went for a CBC and the count had dropped from 143,000 to 92,000...Dr. said ok drop Pred. to 40 mg and a week later the count dropped to 55,000. I am now scheduled to see the Hematologist tomorrow. They think this is all unrelated to the Lupus. Symptoms I have had easy bruising, cuts take long to heal, severe joint pain(swelling) swollen lymph nodes in groin, under arm, neck, very tired, break out in hives a lot and most of these symptoms developed within a couple of months. So, does this sound like Leukemia? It worries me because I have remained very active, even with my Lupus and this came on so suddenly. Any help, or info is helpful!

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