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Okay i have had problems with high white cells for a long time. My hematologist felt that anemia and allergies was causing my problems. I have been taking allergy shots (4 a week) & had the iron infusion i needed. I have had trouble for awhile with my platelet count being high and my wbc still has not gone down. He told me he would do a bone marrow test but he has been following me for over a year and due to that he does not feel it is needed at the moment.
When i ask him questions he tells me not to worry and sends me off to another type of doctor for treatment. I have already been to 9 different doctors & my blood is staying the same. I don't want to worry because he doesn't seem to be but i do a little.
My body is over-producing bone marrow and has been for awhile but he has done nothing but blood tests and sent me to other doctors which is not working...I am scheduled for a follow up in 3 months.
Should i go get a second opinion or just be patient..?
Nine doctors is a lot. My WBC were very high (routine physical found them) and it turns out I have CLL. They did the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy early on and found it.

I am 28. They could have waited but found out much sooner because of the testing. The test is not fun, I won't lie--but if it brings you closure, peace of mind, and/or treatment sooner, I would get either a second opinion or insist on ruling out Leukemias with the bone marrow tests.

I wish you luck and hope it's allergies/anemia and nothing more. (I have both of those things, too).

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