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I put this same post under another area, and no one replied, so I decided to put it here to see if anyone had any knowledge about the diff bloodwork. Leukemia was mentioned in some of the websites I looked at, which is why I chose to put this here, but I'm clueless when interpreting all of this. I hope someone can send me in the right direction. :

I'm new to the boards. I've been searching for information about bands and metamyelocytes in a CBC differential. Everything else looked normal, just a very slight increase in RDW.

I had surgery and the pre-surgery blood work showed 8% bands which appeared to fall in the normal range of 0-10% but the 1% metamyelocytes I've read aren't supposed to be there at all. (some websites indicate the bands aren't either?) The plat est was normal, and the morphology was normal.

Everything I can come up the way I understand it indicates serious problems. The anesthesiologist quizzed me to no end that morning because I had a fever - I've had a low grade fever ( around 100) for about a year.

Does anyone have any information or can explain it to me? I asked my surgeon, and he said to ask my regular doc. I don't want to make an appt and look like an idiot if it's nothing.

Help! I'm nervous~

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