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That number probably represents a differential of WBC, since 98 percent WBC would mean there would be almost no red blood cells, which are usually on the order of 500 times more plentiful than WBC.

I think that number could be thousands of WBC per microliter (which is extremely high) or perhaps a differential count of a certain type of WBC. I.e. 98 percent of WBC's are Neutrophils, or 98 percent are immature WBC's.

Leukemia has many forms and a prognosis is difficult for a trained specialist, and impossible for someone over the internet with limited information.

Two people in my life have been touched with Leukema. One was young, healthy, and a fighter. She beat the disease, and died from the treatment (BMT Graft Vesus Host), but she was diagnosed as late as one can be diagnosed.

My uncle aslo has Leukemia, and he has beat it into remission, and was unhealthy and advanced in age, and was diagnosed similarly to your boyfriend's father.

Don't ever look at statistics. No matter is the survivability is 1 percent or 99 percent, that will not dictate the course of the disease. As long as someone is still alive, there is always hope, and hope is what keeps us fighting.

Good luck to you, your boyfriend and his father.
Hold on to your hope.

WBC of 98% is high but can customarily be brought down by an aggressive form of chemotherapy. It takes about three weeks. Remission is possible even with a high WBC.

God doesn't work with statistics. He's always 100%.

Depending on what type he has (CLL,CML. ALL or AML), once in remission, there are various options for treatment and cure. Just be sure he is in the best medical facility for treatment of leukemia. Investigate and, if not, move him.

Four facilities that are known for dealing with leukemia patients are M.D. Anderson in Houston, Fred Hutchinson in Seattle , Stanford Medical in California and Emory in Atlanta. Once you get the information on the type he has, my personal experience has been that you can call those hospitals and speak with someone in their oncology departments and they will give you direction.

OUr prayers are with you.

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