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Those levels all seem to be in line. My Daughter was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on 12-15-04. Causing my limited knowledge of the subject. When she was diagnosed her CBC showed the following:

WBC 19,000
Platelets 35,000 WAY LOW
Hemoglobin 4 WAY - WAY LOW
Blasts in Blood 25%

The reason her WBC was not so elevated was because her cancer was caught on a fluke. We got it RIGHT before her WBC was ready to take off. Her BMB showed that her bone marrow contained 80% blasts.

Your counts change all the time. One day you can have a HGB of 11.6 and the next be at a 14.5. If your body is trying to fight off something, your immune system kicks in and your body will start over producing WBC and something has to give, causing a slightly lower level.

If your BMB comes back with more than 5% blasts that is considered to be some type of Leukemia.

Make sure that the doctor gives you some sort of sedative prior to your appointment. BMB are somewhat painfull and you would need to take that "edge" off.

I hope all comes back clear!!!


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