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There are a number of reasons WBC rises and falls. It rises during any type of infection. Thus, after a round of antibiotics, the number would tend to fall due to the antibiotics controlling the infection.

A Neutrophil is a type of White Blood Cell. Neutrophilia (elevated Neutrophil count) is commonly caused by a bacterial infection. Therefore, higher Neutrophil count - higher total WBC.

Normal ranges are : WBC - 4,000 - 10,000
Neutro 47% - 77%

If Leukemia is involved, an antibiotic would not decrease the WBC. Leukemic cells are called "blasts". They are White Blood Cells with chromosonal defects. They cannot function like normal WBC. They don't know how to mature or die. All they can do is multiply causing an elevation in your WBC. They over crowd the bone marrow, inhibiting it from producing Platelets and Red Blood Cells. They will pour into your peripheral blood and be seen in your CBC.

Your doctor may want to just be thorough and rule out any type of Leukemia. Acute Leukemia's come on much faster showing much more evelvated WBC's, low platelet and Hemoglobin levels and blasts in the blood.

Some people tend to always have an elevated WBC with nothing wrong.

How were your platelet and Hemoglobin levels?

Hi Tracy, thank you so much for responding, by the way, my name is Brenda.

My last platelet count (which was done on 2/1/06 was 228) (Normal being between 140-400).

My Hemoglobin was 11.6 (LOW) (Normal being 11.7-15.5).
My Hematocrit was 34.4 (LOW) (Normal being 35.0-45.0).

The highest WBC count they found was on this date also, being 19.8 (with 86.7% being Neutrophils).

I am just really worried because I have not felt good since October, and the WBC just keeps going high.

I do know that I had two Blood Workup's after this and the WBC was in the 9000's, but I was on antibiotics. (I hope it is the antibiotics making it rise and fall).

Sorry for being such a pain, I am just so afraid, I have a daughter to take care of and I also have anxiety.

Thank you so much for your responses!!!

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