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Hi, I am a 39 year old female.

Here is a little history. Since 2002, I have been having fatigue and weight loss.

Since October of last year (2005), I have been somewhat ill.
I went to see the Doc. in October presenting with chills and general weakness and extreme fatigue. He did a blood count and WBC was 14,000. He gave me a round of antibiotics.

About 6 days after round of antibiotics were finished, he sent me for another blood count. This time it was 10 thousand something.

After the round of antibiotics, I was feeling better, but not completely well.

In December, I went to the ER, because I had went to the mall for Christmas shopping and felt like I was going to pass out, they did a full blood count and found a WBC of 11,800. ER Dr. said it was a virus.

In January, I developed Strep Throat, went to the Dr and was given another round of antibiotics. No blood taken this time, just the antibiotics.

I went to see my OBGYN 2 DAYS after my antibiotic treatment with strep throat. He did a Blood Count and it was a whopping 19,800 after the course of antibiotics.

He put me on z-pack and recommended a hematologist.

Now the hematologist was to do a bone marrow biopsy next Tuesday, and I am VERY scared.

I have had blood drawn three times since the 19,800 count and it has always been in the 9,000's. Although I have not had it drawn in the last few weeks.

One more thing, it is always the Neupho... that is very high.

I guess the one puzzling question I have is with leukemia, will antibiotics help bring your WBC down like it has mine?? My MD told me that antibiotics would not drop the WBC down if it was leukemia.

I am VERY VERY Scared!! Can someone here please help!!

Thank you for your help!!
Hi Tracy, thank you so much for responding, by the way, my name is Brenda.

My last platelet count (which was done on 2/1/06 was 228) (Normal being between 140-400).

My Hemoglobin was 11.6 (LOW) (Normal being 11.7-15.5).
My Hematocrit was 34.4 (LOW) (Normal being 35.0-45.0).

The highest WBC count they found was on this date also, being 19.8 (with 86.7% being Neutrophils).

I am just really worried because I have not felt good since October, and the WBC just keeps going high.

I do know that I had two Blood Workup's after this and the WBC was in the 9000's, but I was on antibiotics. (I hope it is the antibiotics making it rise and fall).

Sorry for being such a pain, I am just so afraid, I have a daughter to take care of and I also have anxiety.

Thank you so much for your responses!!!

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