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[COLOR=DarkGreen][CENTER][B]Hello Edeal :wave: [/B] [/CENTER]

[INDENT]Thank you very much for responding to my post. As for the platelet count, is was in the normal range, 333. Thanks for explaining how meds could affect my labs. As for my rbc counts, I agree with you. Two doctor's had diagnosed me with iron-deficiency anemia, but my hematologist states that I don't have it, but I do have low iron. These were my last iron labs and they looked pretty good to me, considering my numbers have climbed.[/INDENT]

Iron - 35
Tibc - 521
Transferrin Saturation - 7
Ferritin - 11[/B][/CENTER]

[INDENT]My iron counts had dropped after my lumbar surgery in 2003. I do take iron pills daily.

I went to my appointment yesterday and had more blood work. The doctor stated that my wbc is still high, and then he stated that he wanted me to have another lab called, "Flow Cytometry." He also stated that it takes about two weeks to get these results and that he would call me with them. It looks as if I will research what this lab test looks for. Again thank you for your help.[/INDENT]
[CENTER][B]:angel: Jeanne :angel: [/B] [/CENTER] [/COLOR]

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