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I am desperate for answers here and the Dr's can't seem to find them :( My 3 year old son has had a fever for 7 weeks now. It started out at 104.6 and lasted that high for just shy of 2 days and has lingered 101-102 (rectally) ever since. When this all started he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and put on Omnicef (he's allergic to Amox) but that didn't work so they did a round of 3 Rocephin shots and that too didn't work so they ended up having to lance his ear drum and drain the infection and they put tubes in while they were at it. This was almost a month ago and he is STILL running that fever. Over the past few weeks I've started noticing him getting more and more pale and his appetite has decreased dramatically (he used to eat like a horse). The past two mornings he woke up with nosebleeds although not bad and they stopped easily. He's also been having significant balance issues which we originally attributed to his ear infection but now his ears a clear and he's still falling all over the place.

My ped drew a ton of labs on him 2 weeks ago and everything came back normal except for his IgG which was low. I don't remember all of the numbers but here is what I remember... white count was 17, sed rate ws 9, platelets were high (don't remember number), hemoglobin was low normal (again don't remember number), and his IgG was 420ish. My Dr said all of that was normal except for the IgG. They did further testing on the IgG which all came back fine. So I am at a loss here. My ped said it can't be leukemia because his labs were fine but all his symptoms seem to point to that??? We have an appt down at Children's hospital on Wed this week so hopefully we will get answer.

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