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High WBC
Apr 11, 2006
Can anyone tell me if 14.9 WBC is high enough to suspect a lymphoma or lieukemia? I just went through a round of antibiotics to try see if it was an infection that has raised my WBC but its still around the same number. I am also suffering from worrisome sleepiness and breathlessness when I over exert myself. I asked my doctor this morning if he was concernec and he said no....he still seems to think its an infection but for some reason I didnt feel reassured. I also have swollen nodes on my neck under my jaw. Just wondering if someone can give me any ideas as to what can cause a 14.9 reading in my WBC? Is is serious?

Thanks so much!
Re: High WBC
Apr 13, 2006
Your symptoms could be anything from mono to an overactive immune system. In order to detect Leukemia, there has to be some specific cells identified from testing to have qualities that are associated with leukemia. Elevated WBC can go as high as 20,000 before doctors become concerned. Sometimes high blood count is associated with appendicitis. Just keep in touch with doctor if you symptoms continue to interfere in your life.
Re: High WBC
Apr 15, 2006
Hi further to this, I was wondering if someone can give me some insight into why, everytime I squat down to do something, ie., pick something up from the floor, both my knees click out of their sockets and I have to immediately stand up so that they go back in their sockets? Im really concerned that this also is a symptom of leukemia? Any quesses?
Re: High WBC
Apr 16, 2006
The clicking sounds more like a joint problem. Maybe some alignment problems. Check that with an orthopedic doctor if it is causing you concerns.

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