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I'm wondering if I possibly have leukemia, or something else... (see below)

I'm a 18 years old girl, and ...
1- I have back pain (complete back... sometimes it's the top, sometimes it's the bottom..)
2- My ankle hurts a lot (mostly the left ankle, but sometimes the right too). (and I sometimes feel that it's the bones that hurt)
3- My left knee pretty much always hurt... I just try to ignore it.... and sometimes the right decides to hurt too. (like the ankle, I sometimes feel that it's the bones that hurt...)
4- My shoulders hurt from time to time
5- My wrists sometimes hurt.
6- A lot of times I have shortness of breath. A lot of the times, just walking from one building to another at Uni, which is about 3-5 minutes, got me out of breath... lately, I had to take the elevator to go up, instead of taking the stairs, because I'm really too much out of breath.
7- I sometimes have sharp pains in the chest when I breathe.... which makes it hard to breathe.
8- Sometimes, rarely though, I get up, and I have to either sit back down, or hold on to something, because I'm dizy. But then, it passes after a couple of seconds.
9- I'm way more tired than usually
10- I sometimes have big headaches... but I don't take any pills of anykind, so I just last it... usually I try to sleep and it's gone when I wake up, but trying to sleep when you have a headache isn't really easy.
11- I get nosebleeds (really bugging me!)
12- I have menstrual irregularities... I used to have them about once a year... I haven't had them for about two years now.
13- Although I don't have any temperature, I'm always hot... enough to put the a/c in the car, in winter, and we can see our breath...

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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