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hello, I just have a quick question, Should i be worried? I have very tiny red dots under my skin, there everywhere, i noticed a few a couple days ago, never thought anything of it, now i have them all over my arms, but there soooo small you can barely see them. I was reading about petathchie? spelling? I have some on my legs too, but more on my arms. Is it something to worry about, Im only 29 years old, so you wouldnt think it would be old age spots. I have been getting lightheaded lately, dont know if that has anything to do with it or not, thanks!!!
Keep an eye on your red dots and also take your temperature. If it is over 100.5 F or over 38 C see your doctor.
Helllo I have it too.Plus I also have litttle pin size brown marks too.I read that is some-thing to do with losing Platelets(I think)but mine are so small(brown)and red little dots all over my chest,my back and legs and arms.But I find where ever the smalll brown dots are,then that's where my muscles in my body don't work.My body is very very weak.Ok get this.Back in 1990 my doctor did blood work on me.(I read this just like in Jan)It said I had MGUS(that's to do with bad protein in your blood or urine)I was 20 years old when he found out I had MGUS(but he never told me either.I found out by reading the file he did on me.But he did monitor me.But the scarry thing too is the people who checked my blood for him even wrote down that they think I have LUEKEMIA.They wrote for him to run tests(he did not run any-thing)he did not even telll me.Crazzy eh.But now I have major problems in my body.My muscles in my legs and arms I can not use.It's weak and I can't walk without being in pain.Plus my Ribs have hurt me since Sept(now just this week-end my Right rib hurts so bad where I can't even touch it)
But tomorrow I go see my new doctor(who willl help me)My CT scan is a day after Father's Day.But I had to wait 4 darn months for this CT scan.In Feb they boooked it and now it's coming up.I know once this CT scan comes my life willl change.
I know some-thing bad is going on.Ohhh plus I also have thinning of my bones(where bone marrow is)My legs and arms the bones are very very thinnn.Plus my hormone doctor she told me for some reason your Estrogen is very low.She said every month it get's lower and lower.There are so many problems right now.Ok guys I willl keep you all updated.Seee ya.
I have a spreading case of "dots" or petechiae/purpura on my body as well. Mine is caused by a problem with leaky capillaries, and is quite benign. However, I noticed them around the time I was getting over the flu, and the combination of sysmptoms had me a bit worried.

Go to the doctor and demand a complete blood count, and while you are at it, get a liver panel as well.

The complete blood count will tell you if your cells are out of whack, and the liver panel will tell you if you are having trouble with your liver. The liver produces a clotting factor which can show itself as petechiae if it is not being produced properly.

Don't worry about the things you don't know, just get them checked. I had a suspicion that I had something really bad, but it turned out to be one of the most benign conditions you can imagine.

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