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I'll try and make this as short as possible. Ever since my sweet son started school last August he has been sick literally with something new every single week! For the past 2 1/2 weeks he has been running a high fever on and off and I take him to the Dr and his WBC is 34,000, hemoglobin and rbc are normal, his lymphocytes are Low, the Neutrophils are very high 24,000 and his monocytes are very high over 2,000, bands are 14. He had one normal WBC in between this one and another blood test on Monday that showed almost the same minus his WBS had gone down to 31,000. He has no other symptoms at all minus the mysterious fever that comes and goes for several days. He did however both times complain of severe pain in his upper left stomach area, looked like his spleen location. He has been tested for everything basic(ears, nose, throat, urine culture, chest x-ray) and his blood smear did come back normal. My question is why is his WBC so high when the dr can not find out where he has the infection at? The Ped. said it would be very rare for him to have Leukemia without being anemic, and thankfully he isn't. Oh, he has also been tested for mono and TB skin test shot, all which were normal and his blood chemistry and liver and kidney showed up normal in blood work. Does anyone have any clue as to what is causing this? He has had a mysterious fever like this that comes and goes forever, but we always assumed it was from him being sick, it's just more noticable the past couple of weeks b/c he hasn't been sick at all, not even a cold, before we always blamed it on that, know what I mean? He has alot of bad leg cramps at night, almost always in one leg. The dr said it was b/c he is very active through the day, he also sweats alot at night with his head soaked, but has done that forever seems like. Any clue as to what this could be, I'm assuming it can't be Leukemia since his blood smear came back normal. I posted on here b/c I assume you all would know more about the WBC than most. thank you in advance!

I have no idea where you are or the type of doctor you are seeing (internist, etc.).
For your own peace of mind, I would take your son to the nearest hospital that deals with leukemia and have him tested again. If it's not leukemic activity, they'll know and can put you mind at ease. If it is, they can suggest a treatment at an early stage and increase the likelihood of complete and, hopefully, permanent remission.

I know this is scary and don't wish to cast aspersions on your family doctor but persistently high WBC that are not responding to customary antibiotics need to be evaluated as soon as possible to rule out other causes.

Best of luck.

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