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Re: Aml
Jun 27, 2006
In January of 2003, I began visiting doctors because I was feeling tired all the time, I had a swollen gland in my neck, and I had frequent and painful headaches. The doctors (a family doctor and an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) said I had recurrent sinus infections. By the time I got a doctor to listen to me when I told them it was NOT just sinus infections, it was the end of March 2003. My trouble was in finding a doctor who would order the necessary blood tests (all I needed was a CBC) to find out that my blood was very out of whack. When I was admitted to the hospital it was as an emergency case..the admitting doctor called me personally and told me to get my rear end to the hospital immediately. I was told that my blood numbers at that time were 'incompatible with life'.
Like you, I didn't understand how I could be misdiagnosed for three months by respected physicians. My oncologist told me that leukemia is difficult to diagnose only because the symptoms that send us to the doctor in the first place are the same as many rather harmless illnesses. Some family doctors, especially those who treat someone on a regular basis, like your mom's monthly visits, only see several chronic illnesses and assume its just getting worse instead of looking for a completely new illness.
I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope this helps.

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