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Hi everyone, I just got back some test results and haven't seen my doctor yet. But, I've talked with some other people (they're not in the medical field but are dealing with anemia and other blood disorders themselves). I'm not sure if this is something that would be related to leukemia so I thought I'd post the results here for some advice. So here are some of my results ~

WBC - 2.6 L (range 4.5-11)
RBC - 3.31 L (range 3.5-5.5)
Hgb - 10.4 L (range 12-15)
Hct - 29.7 L (range 36-48)
MCV - 89.9 (range 79-98)
MCH - 31.5 (range 25.4-34.6)
Platelets 219 (range 150-450)
Total IBC - 273 L (range 280-400)
Retic count - .8 (range .5-1.5
Ferritin - 20 L (range 30-307)

I was told that if you're anemic your reticulocyte count should be high because your body should be working harder to make red blood cells. So I'm wondering why mine is low if I'm anemic. I also heard that the total iron binding capacity should be high if you're anemic and mine is low... And is my WBC something I should worry about? I'm having a follow up CBC done in a week so we'll see if anything changes. Should my doctor refer me to a hematologist? It seems like a lot of people have a bone marrow biopsy to rule out certain diseases and I'm not sure if I fall into that category. Does any of this make sense to anyone? Thanks SO MUCH for any help ~

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