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I had wrote earlier with no replies so I'll try again.

I'm a 30 yr old mother of 3. I've been getting sick since Oct. of '05. Everything from colds, flus, stomach bugs, etc. I've even had pneumonia on 2 occasions (not dx by x-ray - no ins.). I've had swollen lymph nodes for about 6 months months now that are not decreasing in size. I have one on either side of my jugular that are quite large. Large enough for me to feel them under my tongue. I have 2 smaller ones underneath the large ones. Two buckshoot nodes behind left ear, one pea sized in the groin area and right clavicle area. I have intermittent unexplained fevers as well.

But my biggest complaint is the increasing pain under my right rib that flows to my right back flank and shoulder. I've had my gallbladder out since '98 though. I'm going through what I call "attacks" of pain that are EXCRUCIATING!!! Right before an "attack" my heart feels like it's skipping beats and I start feeling sick - all the color drains from my face and the pain starts.The pain gets so bad (waves) that all I can do is cry because I don't feel like I can't go to the hospital for fear of preexisting clauses in my soon to be insurance company). It feels like I have a softball lodged under my right rib when I'm not having an "attack". The pain seems to be spreading out more to the left side now. With every "attack" I have the pain increase 10 fold and so does the duration of pain. I don't know if these attacks are spasms or what but I can't take it anymore. My insurance will not take effect until 7-1 but 2 days seems like forever!! Had I not had 2 days left I would've gone to the ER yesterday. Just to get some relief. All I can do is sit still, hold my breath and what for the pain to be over.

Is it possible that I have leukemia? Does anyone have any ideas what this could be or not be? Or just words of strength and prayers from all!!

Within a couple of days of getting my effective date I will be going to the ER when an "attack" hits and see what is going on. I just REALLY hope I can make it till then and my family doesn't force me to go early! My oldest girl is turning 5 on Monday and I CAN NOT miss it!! I have to take her to her annual Birthday Breakfast!!

Please reply,
Have you seen a Dr? My son had pain in his shoulder and his left side. He was told it was a shoulder injurty. It was leukemia. I wouldnt wait. If it is, you don't want your spleen to rupture like his did. If you want to be around for your dtr's other b'days, you need to go right away in case it is something really bad. What state do you live in?

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