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With both diseases, the symptoms are particular to the person, age and other health conditions. Some people die in car wrecks or other major incidents with CLL and no one knew they had it until the autopsy. Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease. It all has to do with the person and the general symptoms. General symptoms are fatigue, anemia sometimes, and being more likely to come down with a cold or sore throat. Many people attribute their symptoms to a moderate flu. Others do not have any noticeable symptoms. It is one of the rare diseases that you do not treat unless the symptoms are interfering in your daily quality of life.
Re: Symptoms of CLL
Jul 25, 2006
Do you have any update? I have CLL and am very young. No one has said curable to me ever. Treatable, yes, but curable, no. I would love to hear it if someone told you that. They are doing watch and wait, followed by chemo if I need it and other things. I am only 28.

I had no symptoms except some bruising and fatigue which I thought was just part of my personality and/or genetic makeup. They found it during a routine blood test.
Re: Symptoms of CLL
Jul 25, 2006
No, I had the surgery which turned out to be a bit more than I expected. He took 5 specimens from the lymph nodes in the mesentery. I feel OK...a bit post surgery though, with a sore abdomen and not quite right. I should have had results by done in one lab came back negative...just a reactive lymph node but the other four were to be sent to another lab. They forgot to send it so I have been waiting for two weeks now and it has only just gone to the lab. These people could mess with your mind!! I had no fatigue, no colds or flu or anemia so we shall see.

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