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What happens next?
Jul 29, 2006
I had a cbc last March of 2005 and was told I had an elevated wbcc, and that I was probably fighting an infection like the cold or flu. Sure enough, the next day I had a cold, so I thought nothing of it. I went to see my primary care physician for my annual check up this past April and had another cbc; it was elevated again at 13. I was given an antibiotic because I had a cut on my nose that didn't seem to heal. It finally healed completely after taking the antibiotic, but when I had another cbc this past Monday, my wbcc was at 14. That's three cbc's where my wbcc was elevated. My primary care physician has referred me to a hematologist. Everytime I look up wbc disease on the internet, it almost always mentions the possibility of leukemia. I was wondering, how does a hematologist diagnose what's causing the elevated wbcc? More blood tests? I'm just wondering b/c my PCP normally doesn't refer me to other doctors unless she feels she has run out of options.

BTW, my PCP also referred me to a surgeon earlier this summer for a biopsy consult on a couple of lumps I found; one in my armpit, one under my jaw. The surgeon felt neither one was worth biopsing. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the news, but my doctor also agreed with the surgeon, so I went with that. Now I regret not going for a second opinion. Especially when my PCP brought up the subject of my lumps when she was writing out the referral to the hematologist.

Thanks for any input.

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