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I hope someone can answer some questions for me, My mom who is 73 was diagnosed with Hairy Cell many years ago in fact she was the third known patient with it. She was treated back then which was not as it is today. After all these years (30 years) she was having some bleeding under the skin with a low hemoglobin and slightly low platelets, her white count is normal but her Hemotolgist decided to de a bone marrow and the findings were 70%
Hairy cells and 30% fibrosis. She is going back to the Dr. on Thurs to discuss her options. My question is do patients that have had this disease show the
Hairy cell's in the bone marrow when they are still in remission (because of being treated with chemotherapy in the past) It is difficult for me because I live so far away and can't be with her when she goes back to the dr. I am going to let her know about this site because she needs support from people that have gone through the treatment. All that I have read yesterday indicates an amazing outcome for patients with this type of Leukemia.
Thank you for taking time to read this and hopefully I can reassure her that she will do great!

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