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I'll try to keep this as brief as possible.
My son, who's 3 years old now was experienceing alot of tiredness (this started about 6-8 months ago and is still ongoing) so when he was 2 1/2 I brought him to the doc. regarding alwaying being tired, not being able to play without resting...ect. And my doc took a look at him and where he was so pale thought it may be his iron. So he had lots of blood work. ruled out thyroid, celiac, and others.
His iron came back at 17. so he advised us to push the iron and come back for blood work in 1 that's what we did. the iron came back a month after the first even lower ...12.
so then the doc said to wait 3 months and get more blood work.
At this point pushing all this iron, we realized, he has "always" been getting the proper amount (now that we were reading lables) so we decided to just feed him as we normalyy would and not push the iron because he was already getting enough. so 3 months later with normal eating habits his iron came back and it was up to 27...more than doubled and above normal range.(we just got those results back yesterday)
BUT.....then the doctor now informed us for the [B]first time [/B]that all his bloodwork over the past 6 months came back that his White blood cell count has been consistintly low between 2.8-3.9 and has now referred us to a specialist.
So now, ofcouse it's my 3 yr old son....I am very worried. I know that is may just be that he has a low immunity...he has not been sick atall other that 3 months ago he was on a puffer for 2 months for a chronic cough. and the tiredness. Now he does bruise alot..but he is a kid and bangs himself up.
so with his low WBC, pale skin, tiredness...he also has had a skin rash on his face for a long time (1-2 yrs) kinda like small pimple like/// never really thought or worried about his skin untill the WBC came back and started reading symptoms of leukemia. I don't know how long it will take to get into the specialist, I hope not long. does anyone know what I might expect going to the pediatrician (sorry, might of spelled that wrong)
Is the bone marrow the next test? or what else might it be?
Any advise would be so great.
I am a worried mom, but I feel that I do have reason to be...and I am not going to jump to conclusions, as the doctor is the only one that can diagnose him. I would just like the heads up.
Thanks so much~ Anjolie

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