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After having my second child in April of 2006 the doctors started requesting me to have lots of blood work done. I had very low iron (anemia) when I was in the hospital and this created concern for the doctors.

No one has actually told me what this blood work is telling them, but everyone seems concerned and they sent me to an oncologist for more blood work. They told me everything looked o.k. and I didn't worry about it after that. Until . . .

Yesterday I had these tiny pin point red dots appear under my skin on my arm. I called the oncologist and again they encouraged me to seek treatment but they still did not tell me what was going on.

I did some research and saw that it is a possibility that these dots (which the oncologist called petechiae) could be related to leukemia. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks for your help.

Very concerned,

Casey M.
This is my first time visiting this site and came across your concerns. Petechiae is caused from low platelet levels in your blood, this is a sign of leukaemia.Low platelets also causes excessive bruising, blood in the urine or in the bowel motions, nose bleeds are also a sign. This is cause for concern, if platelets drop drasically low it can cause internal bleeding, bleeding from the hands and feet, your platelets are your blood clotting agents in your blood. Putting it simply we cannot survive without them, we bleed to the point of no return without platelets, so in closing your concerns are very real. My 7y/o little girl was diagnosed with A.L.L in late 2004 and have 6mths treatment left and this was one of the first signs, all the best.


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