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I have read the few postings you have made.
I am really sorry to hear about your daugther, I can't imagine....but good to know that she is almost done her treatment to have a full recovery.:) Best wishes to you and your family.

I currently am still worried about 'ALL' with my 3 yr old son
(I previously posted here..."concerned about leukemia")

Now my son has been to see a pedeatrician (sp?)
I then found out that not only his WBC was low, but so is his RBC

He also has red pimple like spots on his cheeks, arms and his back
(mainly the cheeks are most noticible)
((It does look just like petechiae when I searched for pic online))

The doctor only said he was going to monitor his WBC with repeat blood work (has been low for past 6 months) and treat his RBC with iron which should give him some color and his enery back.

Now...ofcourse, I am still's me being a mom!!

I was wondering though is 'ALL' a rapid or slow progression?
Right now he has not been sick since spring (really bad cough...required puffers for 3 months, never had a puffer b4) and he is prety isolated....he gets his flu shot every year. which I thought if anything would boost him immunity!?

Should I be pushing for more tests? with a CBC do they automatically check the platelets too?

Any helpful info would be great...the only thing that is keeping me from not worring too much is that he does not have bruising...I always check! well, nothing more than normal for a 3 yr old.

Thanks so much

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